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Managing all the hustles…….

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It seems like each day is about 3 seconds long! I wake up, spend my quiet time with God and then its meeting after meeting, class project after class project, personal project after personal project and the day ends! 5 days go by and it’s the weekend, the weekend goes by and you do it all over again.

I love busy seasons BUT damn, can a girl catch a break? And it feels worse during these pandemic days.....there is no commute to break up the days, no chit chat with coworkers, no pop over to our in-house kitchen at work to grab a Jamaican Pattie just back to back to back meetings and it’s not even September yet. For those of us that work in post-secondary we know that September is just INSANITY with 967 moving parts that have to come together, and I can’t help but think, is it worth it?

I listened to a wellness workshop the other day that said 10% of your happiness comes from your external environment aka, your clothes, car, apartment, phone, job, career essentially things of monetary value. THIS caught me way off guard because I’m like where does the remaining 90% come from? Apparently, 50% is genetic – some people are just happier than others, go figure…. And the final 40% is ALL internal, the place where you can control, work on, build etc.

If this is true, then WHY o WHY do we spend MOST of our lives chasing the HUSTLE? As women, in an attempt not to just be a “stay at home” person like in the 50’s we have convinced ourselves that we have to do it ALL and mehn, that’s a TALL order. I have to be a stellar employee, be a thriving master’s student, make BOSS moves by running 5300 podcasts, blogs, businesses and passion projects. I also have to wash my face, make sure my hair isn’t falling out, cook dinner, do dishes, talk to my siblings & parents, counsel friends in need, go on “dates” AND I’m not even a MOM or WIFE yet…..that’s a WHOLE other ball game and sometimes I’m just like God How? And Why?

Is it only me 🙋🏾‍♀️ that gets this way or???

I’m serious I don’t know….I would love your feedback on how people are dealing

Anyways rant over, I have to get to an assignment due at 11:59pm 😫

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