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Hi There, I'm Ibiyemi 

Welcome to my version of an open journal! ​

I'm a 30something living in Toronto from Lagos and I want to share with you all things Adulting.

Let's be honest, no one REALLY knows what they're doing right? Hopefully, we can learn from each other's sometimes cringe-worthy lessons.

From faith, friendships, relationships, career, to life hacks and definitely the dope things that my friends and family get up to, let's talk about it ALL.

This is for anyone who is getting into the business of growing up, learning, and unlearning bad habits that no longer serve them.  Growth is important BUT so is laughter so join me on the journey to move from an entry-level adult to a grown-up! or at least an associate.

Siiiiiiiiis are you ready? Let's GO! 

**Siiiiiis is neutral fellas, I use it as a term of endearment ;)

30th birthday Photoshoot
Ibiyemi Balogun

Fun Loving Encourager 

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