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Built to last, how to build a business, God's way!

Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been part of a community of female Christian entrepreneurs meeting every Saturday over Zoom talking about how to build, steward, and scale a business God’s way. I remember praying to God about being part of a community of entrepreneurs that I can relate to and learn more about other people connecting their faith to the works of their hands. After praying for about a week, I stumbled on this group on Instagram called Built to Last. I signed up because I wanted to hear the first entrepreneur Mazino Malaka speak but what I didn’t know was that God was going to challenge me over the next few weeks. 

That first morning I was shocked to see over 120 women on the call on a Saturday morning at 9 am no less. At the time, they had roughly 150 followers on Instagram, they also had a YouTube channel with like 50 subscribers where they posted past sessions. My business brain was like, do you know what it takes in terms of promotion/marketing to get that many people out, that early on a weekend when you have a “small following” by society’s standards??  I wondered what her strategy was, I wondered how she would retain people, for an hour, etc. but then the session started and I knew immediately, that this was PURELY a God thing. The truth of the matter is that when God builds a thing, you will not be able to take credit or glory because it will not make sense. The math will not math. What is that scripture again, unless God builds the house, those that build, labor in vain - psalms 127:1.

 It's one thing to say, I’m an entrepreneur who happens to be Christian VS. I am a Christian entrepreneur building what God has asked me to build. One is about inviting God into your business plans and the other is about executing God’s plans. I also feel like this is the mark of a believer who is growing and maturing in their faith. Massive side note - The thing about becoming a mature Christian is that sin becomes so convicting. I feel like I'm so sensitive to sin. After a night of gisting that turns into light gossip all of a sudden, I can’t sleep or I wake up needing to repent or I find myself hiding my face from God because I feel icky… seasoned saints, please do yall face this or am I just the only one out here? Anyways back to what I was saying.

This transition from “God help me to execute my plans” to “God what are your plans, I’m taking notes” is actually both freeing and quite challenging. On one hand, being in God’s will and plan for your life is the BEST place to be, there is a level of ease at least in decision-making when you have relinquished the results to him. On the other hand, our humanness is always trying to trip us up! One day you are just minding your business and executing God's strategy and are ok with your pace and then you go on Instagram and see 600 reels of 25-year-olds making 6 figures by creating reels on Instagram. Oh then you investigate, you “click the link in the bio” and you find out they have a coaching class for only $250 that you can take, wow how convenient. You ALSO want to make 6 figures and you actually have $250 to spare, what’s the harm? And then you get distracted and off the course God has for you because you are following the strategy of man. How many times have signed up for the e-book, or commented “wealth” or saved the reel, or watched the YouTube video? It’s fine, we are all human, and we all do it. I mean hey, I’m an entrepreneur I do want you to buy my e-book, sign up for my programs, and subscribe to my newsletter, etc. It’s so tempting and seems “easier” to get the top 5 tips to land 6 figures in your first 6 months than to crack open your bible and receive wisdom. It’s definitely easier than praying for vision and only hearing the first step but not seeing the whole picture. It’s even harder at times to just listen to the holy spirit when he gives you seemingly ridiculous instructions like “don’t sell to big clients” (true story - every single “BIG” client I have received has been purely through “word of mouth”, every time I have tried to leverage my network to get this deal or that deal it always falls apart). 

Nevertheless, these are some of my takeaways from the last 3 weeks of meetings with the Built to last community: 

  1. Success as a Christian entrepreneur is measured by Obedience to God 

  2. As you begin in the spirit, you end in the spirit, do not let your flesh take over 

  3. Guard your eyes, ears, and souls so that you do not deviate into doing things in “your own strength” because of what others are doing. 

  4. Validation is not the reason to do something, do it for God. 

  5.  Your first identity is “Child of God” and not “entrepreneur @ _______ or employee @______ making 6 or 7 figures 

  6. God is the CEO, he can handle the shame, if you’re feeling self-doubt or worried about a business decision that God told you to execute 

  7. If you’re dealing with fear about your business, let it go and remember that God will always redirect you! He is working everything (good & bad) for our good 

  8. Vision is important! Asking God for vision is required so that you don’t play small. Ask him in prayer to elevate your sight and thinking. We all talk about habakkuk 2:2 where it says to write the vision and make it plain BUT habakkuk 2:1 right before says “I will take my stand and keep watch. I will take my place on the tower. And I will keep watch to see what the Lord will say, and how I should answer when He speaks strong words to me”. You have to actively stand, and keep watch out for vision! 

  9. As a Christian entrepreneur, you have 2 jobs; 1 job is to do your work and the second is to dwell at his feet. 

  10. God is big enough to “fill the gaps” that you have as an entrepreneur - so if you don’t know how to brand, no need to take several courses on ALL the areas he will send someone. His word says that His strength is made perfect in your weakness 

  11. It’s one thing to build WHAT He has told you to build, it’s another thing to build HOW He has told you to build. 

  12. God transcends location, time, and access, you don’t need to have all the leverage in the world when He knows everyone, everything, every time, and every opportunity 

  13. God is limitless, there is no such thing as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” when you build with God. Don’t be afraid and hang on to every opportunity when God is saying let go

  14. No matter how big you get in any space you're in, don’t let people idolize you, human beings are not built with the capacity to hold worship…..what did Heidi Klum say on Project Runway “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”. Don’t seek your validation from your business, followers, likes, engagement, etc. seek your validation from God. 

  15.  The more you serve God’s mission, the more you know who he has created you to be. The more you know yourself, the more you can connect with WHO he wants you to serve, HOW he wants you to serve them, and the IMPACT he wants you to make. Basically, see your business as a ministry rather than just prosperity for yourself. 

There were honestly so many more lessons, in my notes I have 42 points LOL. I am still reading over, digesting it, and understanding how it relates to this season of entrepreneurship. Long story short, when you Build with God, you are building to last! 

Lastly, check out their Instagram page @builttolastwomen and on Youtube at Built to Last - Raising Visionary Entrepreneurs 

Till next time; 

You’re ever-growing entrepreneur friend,


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Victor Lawal
Victor Lawal
Feb 26

This is a beautiful write up , trusting in him and doing his will is the easiest way out no matter how hard it might seem. I can totally relate to sin being more convicting and it’s hard for me to be at peace until I ask for mercy. I guess i can say it’s growth. May God teach us

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